6 things for resellers to consider when selecting a wholesale printing company
Dec 15th 2020

6 things for resellers to consider when selecting a wholesale printing company

As a reseller, selecting a wholesale printing company is a big decision. The right company can put more money in your pocket while making you look like a superstar, and the wrong trade printer can have the opposite effect.

Looking for a new printing company? Here are some useful tips to find the best printer to fit your needs.

1. What kind of products do they print?

Some wholesale printing companies only offer a couple products while others have a list a mile long. Select a company that can assist your current needs but also has a robust product offering for future orders. For example, why select a company that only prints plastic cards when you can form a relationship with a company that offers plastic cards, magnets, vehicle magnets, key tags, decals, signs, and more?

2. Where are their products made?

Several printing companies will offer very low prices and U.S. support but then outsource printing overseas. It is best to work with a company that manufactures their products in the USA whenever possible.

3. Do they offer wholesale pricing?

Pricing is an important factor for resellers because it impacts how much profit they are able to make. Some printing companies only offer a 10% discount to resellers while others offer larger discounts which leaves a lot more room for profit.

4. What kind of reseller resources do they provide?

Some wholesale printing companies provide a variety of resources for their resellers to make it easier to sell their products. This can include a retail catalog, retail sell sheets, product templates, and more. The more support they provide, the better.

5. Can you easily speak to a real person?

Some companies offer incredible pricing but make it impossible to speak to a live person when you have questions. If you’ve been in this position before while trying to get a status update on a pending order, you know that selecting a wholesale printer that offers American phone support is the only way to go.

6. Do you have to speak to a real person?

There are times when you want to speak to a live person, and there are times when you want to be able to sit in front of your computer and handle things yourself. Find a wholesale printing company that offers easy online ordering - with the option to blind ship orders directly to customers - and provides fast support when you do need it via email, online chat, or on the phone.

If you are in the market for a new wholesale printing company, consider Continental BizMag…

✔ Printing over 30 products including:

- Plastic Cards

- Magnets

- Vehicle Magnets

- Decals & Clings

- Signs

- Key Tags

- Printed Plastic Products

✔ Our printed products are proudly Made in the USA from our 45,000 sq. ft factory in Pompano Beach, FL.

✔ Offering easy online ordering and incredibly low wholesale pricing

✔ Continental BizMag offers a wide range of reseller resources including a 32-page retail catalog. Click here to request a copy

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Continental BizMag is a wholesale printing company that has been manufacturing in the United States for over 40 years. We pride ourselves on providing amazing printed products that are backed by excellent service and support.

Our expanded product line now includes plastic cards, badges, photo ID cards, RFID cards, key tags, indoor magnets, vehicle magnets, custom shape magnets, window clings & decals, door hangers, parking passes, luggage tags, calendars, rulers, table signs, stationery, business cards, corrugated signs, and much more.

In addition to printing, Continental BizMag offers cost-effective fulfillment services using both automated and personal touch solutions.

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