Reseller’s Guide to Buying Custom Magnets
Jan 18th 2021

Reseller’s Guide to Buying Custom Magnets

Custom magnets make a fantastic promotional item, fundraiser, and marketing tool for a wide range of companies.

As a reseller, buying direct from the manufacturer allows you to maximize your profits - especially if you are buying from a wholesale printing company.

It is important to know about the different types of magnets available, and the pros and cons of each so you can speak intelligently about them to your clients.

While business card magnets are king when it comes to custom magnets, there are many other options available.

Indoor vs Outdoor Magnets

Custom Refrigerator Magnets

There are many different options available to you. When pricing out magnets, the first decision to make is its intended use. Will it be used indoors or outdoors?

Indoor magnets are less expensive and printed on a thinner magnetic material. They can be used on refrigerators, file cabinets, and any other indoor magnetic metal surface.

There are 2 main advantages to the thinner magnetic material used on indoor magnets.

  1. Thinner magnets offer a tremendous cost savings since magnetic material is so expensive when compared to printed paper products.
  2. The thinner material weighs less which means it costs less to ship the magnets to your customers and if they decide to send individual magnets as part of a direct mail campaign to their clients, they will save on postage.

Outdoor magnets are most popular as truck and car magnets. They are often generalized as vehicle magnets but can be used on any outdoor magnetic metal surface.

Car magnets are printed on a thicker magnetic material which gives them a more robust feel and helps them hold on tight while on the move. Most importantly, they feature a clear protective overlay which makes them weatherproof and helps to protect against fading. Depending on the conditions, they typically last for a minimum of 2 - 3 years when used outdoors.

Custom Car Magnets

Vehicles have changed a lot over the years. Today’s cars are built with less metal which means fewer areas of cars and trucks are magnetic. Car doors and near the license plate are typically the most common areas car magnets are placed but this can vary depending on the make and model of your car.

Magnets WILL STICK to

  • Iron
  • Nickel
  • Cobalt
  • Steel


  • Some stainless steel (Depends on how it was made. Some stainless steel is magnetic.)
  • Aluminum
  • Carbon Fiber
  • Fiberglass

Standard vs Custom Shape Magnets

In the past, custom magnets were available in a variety of standard sizes - most of them rectangles or circles. If a custom shape was needed, a custom metal die would have to be made which was very expensive. It also meant that a large quantity of magnets would have to be purchased.

Nowadays, custom shape magnets can be created without the need for a die to be made. In addition, low minimum quantities are available which makes both custom shaped fridge magnets and custom shape car magnets an affordable option for everyone.

Indoor Refrigerator Magnets

There are many options available on  custom refrigerator or “fridge” magnets. It’s important to keep in mind that these magnets work on any indoor magnetic metal surface - including file cabinets.

Business card magnets are by far the most popular option due to their cheap price and fast turnaround (as quick as 48 hours) but there are many additional shapes and sizes of custom magnets available.

Business Card Magnets

Magnetic business cards are the best value for your money and one of the most popular promotional items on the market.

Calendar Magnets

Custom calendar magnets can be used for annual calendars, team schedules, school calendars, and more. Annual calendars are typically ordered between October - January while other types of calendars and schedules are ordered year round.

Custom Shape Refrigerator Magnets

Create your own custom shape without the need for a die. This option is priced according to the number of square inches used. For best results, create a design with smooth lines that is not overly intricate.

Rectangle Refrigerator Magnets

Next to business card magnets, these are the most popular types of refrigerator magnets. Available in 5 standard sizes ranging from 2” x 4” to 5” x 8”, custom rectangle magnets make a great mini billboard and promotional item.

Circle & Oval Fridge Magnets

Looking for something unique while still conforming to a standard size? Circle and oval magnets are a great choice and available in 5 standard sizes ranging from 3” to 5.5”.

Sports Schedule Magnets

Sports schedule magnets allow your customers to add their business card design to the top of an existing team schedule, giving them exposure all season long. All 32 NFL teams and 30 MLB team schedules are available.

Stock Shape Fridge Magnets

This low-priced magnet option allows you to choose from 26 existing shape templates and customize with your own design such as a house, truck, or tooth.

Car Magnets

Magnetic car signs allow businesses to add a removable mobile billboard to their cars, trucks, and vehicles. These weatherproof custom magnets resist fading and can be used to promote a company, service, team, or cause.

Rectangle Car Magnets

These large, rectangles are what typically comes to mind for car magnets. Available in 3 standard sizes and sold in pairs, these magnetic car door signs are an old standby.

Stock Shaped Car Magnets

These smaller car magnets have become very popular in recent years, particularly the circle and ribbon vehicle magnets. Available in 5 standard shapes in both small and large size, they make an excellent branding or fundraising magnet.

Custom Shape Car Magnets

Create your own custom shape car magnet without the need for a die. This option is priced according to the number of square inches used and has a low minimum quantity. Makes a great fundraiser or promotional magnet.


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